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Teachers, Unions working on figuring out appropriate student/teacher social media boundaries

ABC 2 News in Baltimore reported on the latest in a series of discussions about the propriety of students and teachers being friends on social media sites such as Facebook. There are no current laws governing what is appropriate for such media in Maryland, but stories continue to pop up around the country – such as in Michigan, when a teacher lost her job after inapropriate photos of her from a batchelorette party surfaced. She appealed the decision and got her job back, but the situation is still an interesting one for educators.

The Baltimore Teacher’s Union has been holding seminars to educate teachers on both the benefits and drawbacks of social media interaction.

“Facebook is open to the world and educators stand in a different position than regular citizens, they are in a position of trust,” says attorney Keith Zimmerman.

Read more on this at ABC2news.com


SACA chapters seeking officers

SOE’s Student and Alumni Counseling Association (SACA) MCC and Homewood Chapters are seeking officers for the 2010 – 2011 academic year.  Positions include president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Both students and alumni are eligible to serve as officers. All of MCC’s and most of Homewood’s officers are graduating and/or moving to other states, so please think about volunteering to keep this organization strong! To learn more about SACA, visit http://education.jhu.edu/alumni/organizations/saca/. If you are interested in serving as an officer, please email soe.students@jhu.edu.