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Montgomery board delays charter vote

Joshua P. Starr

Joshua P. Starr

From the Montgomery Gazette:
Montgomery school board members, heeding their new superintendent’s advice, delayed a scheduled vote Thursday on what could be the county’s first charter school.

The Board of Education was slated to take action on the proposed Community Montessori school in Kensington for pre-K through the third grade. In June, recently retired Superintendent Jerry D. Weast recommended approval for the proposal.

But board members stalled over the key issue of which students would receive the highest priority to attend the school. New Superintendent of Schools Joshua P. Starr recommended that the board review the situation and vote on the matter July 25, rather than rush through an approval and risk setting a bad precedent.

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Low-performing Detroit schools to get new management

The city of detroit

In response to struggling in several districts, including the 73,000 student Detroit system, Michigan governor Rick Snyder announced the “Educational Achievement System” at a press conference Monday.

The system, which is slated to start in the 2012-2013 academic year in Detroit, allows schools more autonomy and will devote more money to classroom expenses. The initial term of the authority – which will be an independent entity rather than a state organization – will be five years and in that term student performance is expected to improve. After that term, the school system could remain under that operation or return to Detroit Public Schools management.

“This city has no viable future if the status quo is allowed to stand,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who joined the conference via video. “We are fighting for the future of the city.”

Schools besides the Detroit system are expected to join the EAS by the 2013-14 school year.

For more information, visit Education Week. The original press release from Detroit Public Schools is available here


Teachers, County Executive spar over pay in Anne Arundel County

Superintendant Kevin Maxwell

Anne Arundel County Superintendent Kevin Maxwell

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold is trying to convince the council to reject Superintendent Kevin Maxwell’s proposed $5.5 million in pay raises, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Last month, the council approved $936 million in operating funds for the system but did not include Maxwell’s pay increase request. The school board responded by cutting other areas in its budget – reducing the number of teachers by 26, dropping $1.27 million in health care funding and $1 million in textbook funding – to keep the pay increase in play.

Leopold requested a public hearing in response.

“The actions by the Board of Education … are inequitable,” said Leopold. “We have an obligation to share the sacrifices made in this difficult economy equally.”

Bob Mosier, a spokesman for Maxwell, called it “absolutely misleading” that school system employees will see a pay increase this year over last year because the 1 percent increase was budgeted last year and was just instituted this year.

“The equity argument didn’t apply in fiscal year 2010, when we didn’t give any raises, and we furloughed some employees for four days,” said Mosier. “And they gave 3 percent raises to their people.”

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Harford County teachers at salary impasse with Board of Education

Harford County teachers and the county school board are at an ‘impasse’ in their salary negotiations, causing the Harford County Education Association to request mediation from the Board of Education, according to a story in The Sun.

After County Executive David Craig did not fun the budget request to support teacher salary increases, the teachers and board held a session to reach an agreement on the salaries, but were unable to come to a satisfactory solution. Continue Reading →