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Peter Groff: Examining the next steps in the charter school evolution

Charter Schools

By Peter Groff, Johns Hopkins School of Education Visiting Fellow

American education changed dramatically in 1991 when two Democratic state legislators and a Republican Governor teamed to create a new process to educate Minnesota’s K-12 students. The process, which allowed public schools to receive charters to operate autonomous and innovative schools free from many bureaucratic regulations and rules in exchange for increased student achievement, has transformed public education.

Since the first charter school opened in Minnesota in 1992, the number nationwide has grown to almost 6,000, serving over 2 million students in 41 states plus the District of Columbia. Another 600,000 students are on waiting lists. At the present pace, it is estimated that the number of students will increase to 5 million by 2020, requiring 2,000 more schools. Continue Reading →


SOE celebrates World Teachers’ Day with videoconference between EBCS pupils and the world

EBCS Students and their international counterparts

EBCS Students and their international counterparts

On October 5th  World Teacher Day, visiting fellow Dr. Fred Mednick arranged for five countries to take a stand for teachers by simultaneously Skyping with educators from East Baltimore, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, and Mexico.

Over 50 East Baltimore Community School middle school students, parents, and staff came to the SOE education building to participate in the event by asking questions to the teachers abroad and sharing their insights on how teacher strikes and bullying in the US related to the teachers’ stories abroad. Following the event, the EBCS students then took their first tour of Johns Hopkins campus.

Read Dr. Mednick’s recap of the event here.

Learn more about World Teacher Day here.



Education Nation coming to NBC on Sunday

NBC News will host the third edition of its popular Education Nation Series starting this Sunday at noon on MSNBC.

Education Nation is where educators, students,  parents  meet with policy makers, business leaders, and technology experts to explore the challenges and opportunities  in education today. Located in Rockefeller Plaza, the series will feature a series of solution-focused conversations about the state of education in the country.

For more information visit  or to make suggestions or comments on possible topics visit


Back to (Grad) school with and Johns Hopkins University

Idealist is ringing in the new school year this fall with their annual series of grad fairs across
the country. This year, for the first time, thanks to the Johns Hopkins University School of
Education, the Idealist Grad Fair will be in Baltimore on Thursday, September 27th.

Over 60 programs from across the country will be represented at the Baltimore fair.

To register for the Baltimore fair at Johns Hopkins University visit:

The Idealist Grad Fairs are free and open to the public and connect prospective grad students
with an interest in social impact careers with degree programs in areas ranging from education, social work, nonprofit management and public policy.

At the fair, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend an in-depth panel discussion about financial aid and the admissions process.

To see the full list of participating schools visit:

We hope to see you at the fairs!