Serrapeptase: An Anti-Inflammatory Enzyme

One of the most helpful enzymes for medical patients suffering from heart or artery diseases or internal pain in the body is Serrapeptase. This enzyme has various other names by which it is commonly known such as serrapeptidase, serratio peptidase, serratia peptidase, serratiapeptase. It is an enzyme which is proteolytic and is produced by the microorganism named as enterobacterium. It is a beneficial enzyme that was discovered in silkworms in the late 1960’s. Later it was found out that this enzyme was present in the intestines of the silkworm. This enzyme dissolved the tough cocoon so that the moth could emerge.

According to recent studies and research, Serrapeptase is an excellent alternative for some medical treatments, and it has very minimal side effects as compared to other treatments. It has successfully been administered in Asia and Europe for over thirty years. Whenever a person gets ill, the body produces a response which is known as inflammation. This response tends to protect the body from microorganisms which are trying to attack the body and make it susceptible to diseases. Hence, there must be a way to avoid the effects of this inflammatory response.

The enzyme appears to have numerous benefits. As already said, various diseases can be cured using Serrapeptase. The most important benefit of this enzyme is its anti-inflammatory usage. Another benefit is pain relieving. Some of the diseases which can be cured using this enzyme are osteoarthritis, sports injuries, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and almost any almost any kind of body pain associated with the disease fibromyalgia.

The most significant effect of this enzyme is the cure of vascular and heart diseases. According to studies, if plaque blocks an artery, the blood flow is restricted and can result in a fatal or debilitating stroke or heart attack. Serrapeptase effectively prevents or breaks down the blockages in the arteries; therefore reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Therefore this enzyme can be a practical solution for many types of heart diseases.
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Serrapeptase Improves Health

Serrapeptase has the capability to improve the health of patients suffering from heart disease. This incredible natural enzyme has the ability to literally digest plaque that forms in the arteries. When the plaque narrows the arteries, the blood cannot flow causing a heart attack or stroke. Serrapeptase destroys the plaque: therefore, restoring healthy blood flow.