Sputnik: Technology without supports – like cotton candy for breakfast

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Note: This is a guest post by Monica Beglau, Ed.D., Executive Director, and Lorie Kaplan, Ph.D. , eMINTS Program Director for the eMINTS National Center at the University of Missouri.

Does this sound familiar? “Our school just purchased the latest mobile technology tablets for all of the students in our elementary school. Does anyone know where we could get some training about how to use them and what apps we should buy?” We’ve heard variations on this theme across our state and nationally for several years. Too often, as others have noted, the allure of the device outweighs practical planning for the implementation. Appropriate high-quality professional development and ongoing support for teachers is essential to success. Just as having sweet fluffy cotton candy for breakfast hardly fits the bill for a nutritious breakfast, short-term “summer boot camps” or a few hours of professional development after school leave educators hungry for more and without the necessary “nutrients” for effective instructional practices.

When we help schools and districts successfully implement technology initiatives, we turn to the evidence that has guided our work since 1999:

Leadership – leadership at all levels is essential and the principal is one of the most important variables in large-scale technology implementations.

  • A clear vision and goals connect the technology implementation to identified instructional priorities agreed upon by all stakeholders.
  • Ongoing professional development support provides principals with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve teacher buy-in and to understand best practices that support technology-transformed learning.

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