Is GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich guilty of flip-flopping his views on education?

Newt GingrichWith the election season fast approaching and candidates appearing on every medium that will have them to keep their names in the press, it’s worth examining what they have to say about issues close to your heart (in the interest of having an informed electorate).

Owing to his lengthy career, both as legislator and as political figure outside of elected office, Newt Gingrich has had numerous attempts to express his views on all things, including how the country should educate its children. But has he been consistent on those views?

Education Week’s Alyson Klein tackles the subject in a blog this week, comparing his views from the recent campaign trail with historical positions he’s taken. And the results don’t appear very consistent.

Recently, he has said he likes Race to the Top, but he has also said he things the Education Department should shrink (plus, there’s the time when, as Speaker of the House, he tried to lead the charge to scrap the department altogether).

Klein goes into far greater detail about Gingrich’s present and past views on public education. To read her full post, visit Education Week.

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